The exchange of experiences in IPMA (formerly INTERNET) has a long tradition.  It all begun in the year 1964. A European aircraft project manager, Pierre Koch of France, invited Dick Vullinghs from The Netherlands and Roland Gutsch from Germany to discuss the benefits of the Critical Path Method (CPM) as a management approach. CPM showed a way to manage large projects with international sponsors, uncertain results as well as with complex influences and dependencies from different technical disciplines. This group was chaired by Yves Eugene from AFIRO (Association Française d´Informatique et de Recherche Opérationnelle). Professor Arnold Kaufmann suggested the formation of an INTERnational NETwork, the INTERNET

In 1965, this group of people founded the IMSA (International Management Systems Association), independent from companies and officially located in Switzerland, the most respected and politically neutral country in Western Europe in these days of the “Cold War”. Two years later the Czechoslovak Project Management Science Group issued invitations to join the first “all-state” conference on the “Methods of Network Analysis” in Prague. PhD Vladimira Machova was the host beside the political officials in those days. Then, with the sponsorship of the International Computer Centre in Rome, managed by Professor Claude Berge, the first International World Congress took place in Vienna. From then on INTERNET was the official association name.

In 1967, the two-year-old INTERNET society held its first International European Internet Congress in Vienna.

In 1989, Advanced Courses for advancing competences of experts in project, programme and portfolio management are launched.

In 1996, the 13th World Congress (1996) was held in Paris. INTERNET got a namesake – a new international telecommunication system. The Executive Board (ExBo) renamed INTERNET to International Project Management Association, IPMA (our third and current name), but retained the logo.

In 1998, IPMA starts with certification of individuals and the1 st version of ICB, v.1.0. is being published.

In 2002, IPMA launches on the market the IPMA International Project Excellence Award.

In 2012, IPMA offers organizational assessment and certification through  IPMA Delta.

In 2015, IPMA brings out Strategy 2020.

And so after fifty busy years IPMA is leading the evolution of the project management profession and communities across the whole world. IPMA is a unique international network that thinks globally, acts regionally and engages locally. Advanced, competence based certification underpins a comprehensive portfolio of goods, services and products offered through its network of Membership Associations, training providers, publishers, event organisers and the like. IPMA continues to recognise, respect and build on its diversity as the foundation of its networks of colleagues, friends and associates with complimentary visions and horizons. Today IPMA remains the developing network set up by the perceptive founders fifty years ago. We can all be proud of the history and achievements of the IPMA family. We can all thank the many women, men and organisations who have generously contributed their time, efforts, intelligence and professionalism to a clearly outstanding story of success – with a great future and potential for good ahead.


This colourful volume is one of the means of celebrating the IPMA achievements and predicting the future. This is a celebration of fifty years of IPMA, of project management development, of a professional community. It is also a foundation for many more years of going on journeys, travelling and searching for success. This compiled history of IPMA was produced in a book for IPMA´s 50 Years Anniversary. The book was distributed to the IPMA community during 29th IPMA World Congress in Panama (2015). So if you have only just heard of IPMA or you are a member of the family for many years you will find this book interesting, entertaining, informative and encouraging. You can use it as a reference book to find information from time to time about IPMA and the global range of friendly national bodies.

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