Our team


Doctor of Technical Science;
President of Azerbaijan Project Management Association;

  First Assessor of IPMA, Level A

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor;
Head of project management department of the Kiev National University of Construction and architectures;

  Renowned trainer in project management, IPMA Level А

Assessor of IPMA

  Asessor IPMA, IPMA Level B

Candidate of economic sciences, docent;
National Coordinator for Global Distance Learning Program of World Bank (Poverty Redaction, Modernization of Pension System);

  Asessor IPMA, IPMA Level B

Mazahir Jamilov - Assessor IPMA in AzPMA. Since 2004 he has been working as assessor at AzPMA, since that time he evaluated 12 project managers.

Цель нашей компании - предложение широкого ассортимента товаров и услуг на постоянно высоком качестве обслуживания.