AzPMA is an official IPMA representative office in Azerbaijan, and the only official certification body in the field of project management.

We provide IPMA international certification in three areas:

  1. Certification Project Manager (IPMA PM certification)

  2. Certification consultants on project management (IPMA PM Consultant Certification)

  3. Certification of companies (IPMA Delta)

IPMA four degree assessment of project managers is a world leader, it is considered necessary for the professionals. By the end of 2014 there were about 250,000 IPMA certified specialists in the world; almost 75 000 of them are high-level professionals.

These include IPMA Level A® (Certified Director), IPMA Level B® (Certified Senior Project Manager) or IPMA Level C® (Certified Project Manager). These certificates are noteworthy, so that projects, programs and portfolio management guidelines, strategic leaders, managers and stakeholders to individuals demonstrating expertise in the management of projects, programs and portfolios, spreading around the world.

The remaining 65% of our certified professionals are holders of the certificate IPMA Level D® (Certified Project Management). This level is similar to the certification, based on knowledge and examinations, other major schools in project management. The IPMA approach, this certification is a good for first step on the road to professional project management, it shows the owner's ability to understand the basics of project management. If you are interested in IPMA certification and want to compare with other global approaches, please read the article SEE THIS ARTICLE: COMPARING PM CERTIFICATIONS HERE

Specialized IPMA certificates are available exclusively through the official member associations, it is this association AzPMA (Azerbaijan Project Management Association). We also offer other certificates, which we describe below, with more details of the links below.


Competence Understanding: Today, more than ever, we are asked to better results from its initiatives, projects, programs and portfolios. And we understand the importance of broad competencies, which include behavioral and contextual field. IPMA helps a number of practitioners in the study of the basic knowledge and then go beyond knowledge to achieve competence in project management and project results.

Certification of managers: expertise in project management and certification were key driving forces for individuals. Four-level certification system IPMA (4-L-C) solves this need by providing a consistent process of assessment and recognition of the competence of project manager. In this section of our website, you can also check the level of certification and its use through the search box Search Certified PMs.

Certification project management consultants: Understanding the importance of competent consultants in the field of project management, IPMA and its representation AzPMA offer an assessment of the necessary competencies. PM Consultants contribute to the formation and strengthening of the capacity of organizations to initiate, plan, execute and evaluate projects, programs and project portfolios. IPMA certification for consultants on project management provides a global recognition of the competence of the consulting project manager.

Certification of organizations: organizations certify their employees to help them achieve their personal aspirations and ensure that the required business results. In addition to this, IPMA Delta to evaluate the organizational maturity of the projects and programs, as well as their effectiveness. IPMA Delta - is the certification of design and evaluation of organizational maturity that determines the actions necessary to achieve the best business results.

Certification success story: Are your certified management part of your success stories? Or is your competitive advantage? They should be.

AzPMA certifies professionals in their continuous competency and their actual roles. Read reviews of people who have benefited from the IPMA certification.


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