Knowledge assessment carried out in the following procedure:


During the interview, the assessors ask questions to the candidate based on report, self – assessment, written exam answers, and result of teamwork (according to 3.0 ICB version).

Questions may include:

  • Verification of the information provided in the documentation;

  • Detection of strengths and weaknesses of the candidates’ knowledge and experience;

  • Demonstration of candidates’ skills in management of project, program and portfolio.

Duration of the interview presented below: 

IPMA Level A® IPMA Level B® IPMA Level C®

Attendance (if candidate worked on model assignment, exam duration does not change)

2 - 2.5 hours 1.5 - 2 hours 1 - 1.5 hours

If the model assignment is covered in the interview, exam time may be reduced.

30 minutes 30 minutes 20 minutes

Minimum number of elements used in the interview:

Competence elements
IPMA Level A® IPMA Level B® IPMA Level C®
Technical 5 - 6  6 - 7
7 - 8
Behavioural 4 - 5  3- 4
2- 3
Contextual 4 - 5
3- 4
2- 3
 TOTAL 13 - 16 12 - 15
11 - 14 

Decision of the Certification authority

The certification administration decides whether a candidate to continue to participate in the certification process or to be released from it. The decision is made on basis of the total assessment of assessors. Liability of the certification administration is to evaluate candidates. Certification authority does not provide training and preparation.

Assessors involved in the assessment are independent and are not responsible to answer questions of candidates. They can inform candidates about missing or insufficient information (which is detected by certification authority) in the submitted documents and may offer to correct or complete them until next stage of certification. Certification authority will provide candidate with all the information about the process of the certification and will answer all his/her questions. Assessor, as a rule, evaluates both knowledge and experience of each competence elements.

If the candidate wants to know the reasons for the failure, in this circumstance first assessor replies candidates questions, accompanied by the representative of the certification authority.

Assessment of competence 

Candidate's knowledge, experience and personal skills are evaluated in accordance to ICB version 3.0 provisions. The degree of competence of the candidate is determined by a general description of knowledge and experience, and evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10.

Percentage of the points and requirements for general competence must be divided into given ratios for each level:

Competence elements IPMA Level A® % IPMA Level B® % IPMA Level C® % IPMA Level D® %
Technical 40 50 60 70
Behavioural 30 25 20 15
Contextual 30 25 20 15
Additional 40 40 30 20

Knowledge and experience requirements also depend on the level of certification:

IPMA Level A® (0 - 10) IPMA Level B® (0 - 10) IPMA Level C® (0 - 10) IPMA Level D® (0 - 10)
Knowledge 7 6 5 4
Experience 7 6 4 (by choice)

Note: Grades represent the average scores expected of a candidate at each level of IPMA.

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