The word Competence originated from the Latin word ("competentia") means "competent to judge" as well as "entitled to speak".  Competence is the collection of knowledge, skills, experience and personal qualities that is essential for successful implementation of certain functions. Competence of Project Managers based on "IPMA Competence Baseline Version 3.0” international standards. Competence is determined in accordance with three directional “Model of the EYE”.

                                                                                      Model of the "EYE”

Technical competence – designed for description of the key elements of competence in the field of project management. The direction (in some cases also called as "main integral part") covers the key areas of project management. Formed of the 20 ICB technical competence elements.

Behavioural competence – designed to use description of personal quality competences in the field of project management. This reflects the course of the project manager's skill and attitude. Consists of the 15 behavioral competence elements of the ICB.

Contextual competence – designed to describe competence elements associated with project context in the field of project management. This area comprises the project management knowledge about building relationships with line-type management organizations, as well as its ability to function in the project type organization. Contains 11 ICB contextual competence components.


            Competence elements of the project manager     

Technical Competences Behavioural competences Contextual competences
 1. Project management success      1. Leadership      1. Project orientation
 2. Interested parties      2. Engagement & motivation      2. Program orientation
 3.Project requirements & objectives      3.Self-control      3. Portfolio orientation
 4. Risk & opportunity   
     4. Assertiveness         4. Project program & portfolio implementation
 5. Quality      5. Relaxation      5. Permanent organization
 6 Project organization      6. Openness      6. Business
 7. Teamwork      7. Creativity      7. Systems, products & technology
 8.Problem resolution      8. Results orientation      8. Personnel management
 9. Структуры проекта      9. Efficiency      9. Health, security, safety & environment  
 10. Scope & deliverables      10. Consultation      10. Finance
 11. Time & project phases      11. Negotiation      11. Legal
 12. Resources      12. Conflict & crisis  
 13. Cost & finance
     13. Reliability  
 14. Procurement & contract      14. Values appreciation  
 15. Changes      15. Ethics  
 16. Control & reports    
 17.Information & documentation      
 18. Communication    
 19. Start-up    
  20. Close-out    

Additional competence elements:

1.       Information technologies in project management;

2.       Creation and management of the project office;

3.       The methodology of project management;

4.       Company technological maturity model;

5.       Business processes in project management;

6.       Development of project-oriented organizations and their structure.

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