The following documents are required to obtain an international IPMA certificate:

Application form

Application from(download) intended to apply one of the international IPMA certification and classify identification of candidate. Nominees who participate certification process in project management have been informed in application form about terms of certification process and the obligations of applicants. The application form includes, presentation of project, program and portfolios information, as well as, information on the responsibilities for payment of certification process fee. The applicants also note that they are aware of publication of certified experts list, results of suspend project manager actions and abuse of certification in public sources. Candidate signs application form after filling out it.

Resume (CV)

The following information must contain in your resume:

  • Information on the applicant;

  • Education;

  • Professional skills;

  • Career;

  • Training courses, workshops etc. in the field of project management;

  • Studied the literature (resources) on project management;

  • Education in project management;

  • Publication of the applicant on the project management subject;

  • Referee references.

Self- Assessment sheet

To draw up self-assessmen (download)  is a typical requirement for candidates in IPMA certification. Self – assessment which is part of IPMA certification system helps to candidate evaluate his/her strong and additional attention required sides. Applicant mustbe able to draw up self - assessment sheet attentively in each new stage. This kind of assessment helps to candidate to make a responsible decision on the choice of related course and training.

List of projects, programs and portfolios

The list(download) must include all projects, programs and portfolios (required for related levels) which candidate participate during his/her career.

The document must include detailed information on characteristics of participated projects, programs and portfolios (product, phases, cost, budgets, interested parties, difficulties of management), applicant's role and responsibilities in the process and duration of project.


Candidate must present references (contact information of referees is required) referees on the behalf of those 2 (two) referees. At least one of the referees must be customer representative or general manager and member of project team. Assessors should contact with this referees for the information.

Report Proposal

Candidate must present report proposal(download)  (1 – 3 pages with appendices). The report proposal must include the following information:

  • Description of the project, program and portfolio offered by candidate;
  • Position of applicant in this project, program and portfolio;
  • Structure of organization;
  • Execution of the work schedule.

Authorization for certification process

“Application form”, “List of project, program and portfolios”, “References” and “Self – assessment” is the set of documents to evaluate accordance of candidate for certification process. After a formal review of the secretariat and evaluation by at least two assessors, the applicant receives written confirmation of his participation in the certification process at the appropriate level.

A written exam

As a rule, the written exam conducted in a few hours and is composed of several types of questions:

  • Direct questions (multiple choice questions, logical thinking, assessing the extent of 1-2 sentences or short list of answers, and the choice of the correct answer);
  • Essay on a selected topic (eg, project proposal, project expenditure sheet, process description);
  • Logical tasks (game assignments, mini-situation etc.).

The following table illustrates the characteristics of the written exam:

  IPMA Level C   IPMA Level D
  Direct questions   17   46
  An essay and / or logical task on a selected topic
  14   9
 Minimal attendance   3 hours
  3 hours


The report describes the use of candidate knowledge about project management in real situations on levels:

  • Level A: the portfolio or program, consisting of a significant number of projects.
  • Level B: the project with a complex control system.
  • Level C: the project with limited complexity of the control system
  • Level D: report is not required.

Report is an important source for the interview. In the report typical situation and tasks during project management, events and results, the role of the candidate and other interested parties, applied methods and tools, the experience gained and the results should be described.

The current report should be based on NCB and ICB version 3.0. Candidate must demonstrate competences through using NCB elements as much as possible.

The volume of the report are shown in the following table:

    IPMA Level A   IPMA Level B   IPMA Level C
  Volume of report   15 - 30   10 - 25   5 - 15
  Appendices, maximum number of pages     20 15   10
  Minimum number of specified elements
  Technical   14   14   12
  Behavioral   11   8   5
  Contextual   8   6   4

Candidate must embrace certain elements of all three competencies in a report.

The table below shows the minimum number of elements of knowledge, reflected in the report for each of the competences:

Number of pages in the report is based use a font size of 11 pts.

The provisions of the report must be described in the annexes. Links to provisions must be included in the text of the report. If some components of qualifications are irrelevant for the project, program or portfolio, in respect of which the written report, accordingly, an explanation of why it happened and how he used them in other projects, programs and portfolios need to be asked from candidate.

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