Due to the limited validity of the certificate, certified project managers may participate recertification procedure.

The recertification terms are active action in project management, continuing education and continues improvement of competences as well as to gain working experience and skills in the field of project management.

Project managers’ re-certification procedure:

  • Candidate provides association with a full list of the certification documents listed below;
  • Certification body provides assessors with standard form for evaluation of the recertification program candidates.
  • Certification body decides extension of certification validation on the basis of total assessment of assessors.
  • In case of a positive decision on re – certification, the candidate is awarded a renewed certificate.

Required documents for re – certification:

  • Updated resume (CV);
  • Updated self – assessment (download);
  • Updated list of projects, programs and portfolios (download);
  • Report on professional activity throughout the actual validity period of certificate (these includes: functions that carried out by candidates in projects, program and portfolios, the duties and tasks; their complexity, as well as participation duration of candidates in this projects, program and portfolios);
  • Report on continuing education throughout the actual validity period of certificate (these include: any form of training, gained working experience and the contribution made by the candidate in his ongoing development in the field of project management);
  • The list of persons familiar with the experience of candidate in project management (if necessary; assessors may contact with that person to get recommendation);
  • Written complaints about the professional behavior and competence of a candidate (if he/she has);
  • Additional evidence about the candidate's competence, professional growth and behavior (optional).

Re - certification procedure price:

Sum, Euro
C 420
В 900
А 1200

Цель нашей компании - предложение широкого ассортимента товаров и услуг на постоянно высоком качестве обслуживания.