Success stories

All of your projects can be deemed a success? Would you like to improve your personal performance indicators? Do you want to successfully implement your large-scale projects?

International IPMA certification program that represented in 58 countries around the world already helped to improve professional activities and project management career of thousands of graduates.

We offer you to acquire information about our different professional Azerbaijani colleagues’ opinions to make the right decision with regard to participation.

Mazahir Jamilov certified Project Director - IPMA level A, a consultant for program and project, portfolio management - IPMA PPMC, head of construction projects with experience in 4 countries:

Most good example of career after receiving IPMA certificate - this is my personal example. I studied project management at international professionals such as professor S.Bushuev and professor I. Babayev, and has passed all levels of certification «D-C-B-A». After receiving the first certificate IPMA in 2002, I was entrusted with the implementation of large projects in Azerbaijan. With the rise of the certificate to the level "A" - the project director - I began to manage a portfolio of programs and projects in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia. Without appropriate theoretical knowledge of project management, it is impossible to ensure a successful result of the project. I wish applicants willing to be self-reliant, to move forward and improve. "

Rufat Ibrahimzadeh, IPMA level D, manager of Smart Solutions:

"I am very pleased to receive the international certificate IPMA. On the basis of knowledge and skills gained in the AzPMA, I have entrusted to introduce my first project in the company. I hope that this will be the first step on the path to future success. Thank you for an interesting and rewarding experience. "

Imran Ziyatly IPMA level C, Senior Consultant, Department of Environment, the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic:

"Courses at AzPMA helped me to organize the knowledge in the field of project management. I think it would be useful to cooperate more actively with the Association to participate in the PM Club, as well as becoming a member of AzPMA”.

Hasan Askerov, IPMA level B, began his career in Azerbaijan, currently implements projects in the telecommunications sector in the UAE.

"I got IPMA certification here in Azerbaijan, and it is very pleased with the methodology and the knowledge acquired. I therefore support the further development of the Association and take part in roundtables to exchange experience with colleagues".

Arzu Ganbarova, IPMA level C, project expert, «R.İ.S.K.»:

"It was very interesting to me and I really liked that exams both written and verbal form. This make it possible a live conversation with the assessors, work in a group in live communication during the exam. From the training practical examples and new system tools IPMA are more memorable. I most liked to study behavioral elements, thinking visualization skills with XMind software, build network diagrams, and many other tools. "

Ali Aliyev, IPMA level C, the main expert of the Department of IT projects, Modenis LLC (Modern Group of Companies):

"Thank AzPMA for effective implementation at the highest level of training and courses, which has improved the efficiency of my work as well as personal professional growth. Professional, qualified and sincere staff and affordable prices give me a call to complete a full course on the basics of project management (standards and PMBoK ICB), pass an exam to get an international certificate of Project Management, IPMA Level C. Special thanks to my personal trainer, assessor international level holder of the certificate IPMA Level B - Ilgam Yusifli ".

Soltan Bayramov, IPMA level C, ATL Group Marketing Manager:

"Obtaining international certificate of project manager from AzPMA was quite useful for me in terms of confirmation of my knowledge and experience in this area. It should be noted a special pleasure that I received from the business session (workshop) with the participation of assessors. Thanks AzPMA!”.

Elvin Akhundov, IPMA level D, project manager for a construction company:

"There are three basic approaches to project management: in IPMA approach is based on people, PMI - a system, in PRINCE2 - product. Not only the technical competence of the system and the product plays a major role in the project, but also human qualities. They are listed in the IPMA system as a contextual and behavioral competence of the manager, and often play a more important role than technical competence. Even if all you have to do is specified and described in the contract - it does not mean that this way it's done. Often, the project may be at risk because the manager was not able to find a common language with the members of his/her team. Therefore, IPMA has a right approach, you need to learn not only the technical aspects of project management, as well as behavioral and contextual”.

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