Kompetensiya səviyyələri

According to the IPMA Delta® model 5 different levels of maturity of the organization available:

  1. Elementary: achievements in the field of project management on the individual staff level. Some staff are satisfactory, good and even excellent, but there is no single standard for the entire organization, managing portfolios of projects and programs in general unsatisfactory. The organization has no formal standards and processes in this area.
  2. Defined: there are some project management standards, programs and portfolios (IFR), the structure and project management processes are used occasionally on individual projects.
  3. Standardized: there are processes, structures and management standards (PPP), which are mainly used in the organization (there is no complete coverage and integration)

  4. Controlled: existed standards, structures and management processes (PPP), which are applied throughout the organization and controlled by management (complete coverage and integration).

  5. Optimized: there are all the necessary standards, structures and management processes (PPP), which are applied throughout the organization, controlled by the management and constantly improved.

To pass the certification organization must meet a set of initial requirements:

  • The presence of project management in the company (projects, programs, portfolios)
  • The presence of a corporate standard for management of project, program and portfolio
  • The presence of management of project, programs and portfolios processes
  • The presence of trained and certified professionals and managers of the company in accordance with the methodology of International Project Management Association (IPMA).

As a result of the certification of organization, company receives a IPMA Delta certificate. Based on the results of report assessment, recommendations provided by international assessors to improve the competence of the organization in project management with an indication of the strengths, areas for improvement and areas for further development of project management organization.

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