Effective management of a comprehensive modernization and innovation projects is not possible without a competent and purposeful application of approaches and tools of project management. The level of competence of the organization's project management determined by the international certification IPMA Delta®.

International evaluation of the level of project management maturity and organization certification by IPMA Delta® model identifies an independent assessment (assessment) of actual and potential success of an organization's ability to carry out project management in accordance with international standards and best practices. This demonstrates high level of worldwide recognized quality management and the management of projects, programs and portfolios. Certificate IPMA Delta® is recognized in 65 countries around the world.

Certification of organizations with IPMA Delta® model developed by the International Project Management Association - IPMA and carried out in our Azerbaijan Project Management Association(AzPMA) in Azerbaijan. Certification is carried out by leading international experts of IPMA, with the participation of international assessors.

Certification Objectives:

  • Determining the status of the project management system in accordance with the standard – to what extent the existing project management system is cl6ose to the standard?

  • Identification of the organization's strengths and areas for improvement - in what we are the best and where it is necessary to become the best?

  • The determination of strategic objectives and criteria to achieve them - far beyond in which direction to go and how to understand we reach where we want?

  • Getting a basis for comparative analysis of the internal - which part works best and why?

  • Getting a basis for comparative analysis of the external - who is better - we are or competitors - and why?

Advantages of the certification acquit to organization:

  • Comprehensive assessment of organizational competence in project management

  • Project Management Transparency

  • Reduced costs of projects

  • Improving the efficiency of project of the company

  • Enhancing the prestige and competitiveness of the company in international markets

As a result of the certification of organization, company receives a IPMA Delta certificate, which is valid for 3 years. Based on the results of report assessment, recommendations provided by international assessors to improve the competence of the organization in project management with an indication of the strengths, areas for improvement and areas for further development of project management organization.

Цель нашей компании - предложение широкого ассортимента товаров и услуг на постоянно высоком качестве обслуживания.