Certify PM Consultant


Project Management, programs and portfolio project consultants play an important role in the practice of project management. However, they are not responsible for the result, but, instead, they advise managers and project organizations how to execute projects. In order to meet the certification requirements of consultants, IPMA four-level certification of project managers system expanded (4-L-C), and added a two-step certification of consultants.

Assessment of Competence

The standard covers part of project and program management as PM consultants, but does not apply to general consulting competence. It is assumed that all the PM consultants should have experience and knowledge of project management at the same time the consulting practice. In addition, the PM consultants should also have the capability of managing the process of implementation of their recommendation.

The following principles are used for the certification of PM consultants:

  • A consultant is holding consultations at the level of projects; other - focus on strategic, organization and program level.
  • In general, IPMA Competence Baseline is designed for consultants (ICBC), which reflected on the 14 core competencies elements of consultants in the appendix to the document.

Project management field of IPMA certification system adapted to some of the changes according to ISO17024 standard.

The main eligibility criteria required by the PM consultants, functional areas and responsibilities, both reflected in IPMA competence:

IPMA PMC : IPMA Certified Project Management Consultant


IPMA PPMC : IPMA Certified Programme and Portfolio Management Consultant


Azerbaijan Project Management Association has a formal right of IPMA to conduct certification of project management consultants. Graduates receive certificates that are recognized around the world and recorded on the main site of IPMA.

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