23 February 2017 Active
Price 500 AZN
Languages AZ

AzPMA  invites the project managers and project leaders to the IPMA 4-level certification program. Applications are accepted until March 01. Anyone who working on projects or interested in projects can participate in this program. At the end of the program, candidates will receive  the world recognized IPMA International Certificate.

9 March 2016 Active
Price 150 azn
Languages Russian

The Project Management Office – Successful Implementation And Operation training course focuses on WHAT to establish and HOW to implement and operate a successful Project Management Office (PMO) that will contribute to the effective management of projects and the achievement of business benefits. The course strongly focuses on the challenges that are important to you and explores the latest best practice to improve communication, cut costs and optimize functional user involvement.

9 March 2016 Active
Price Level D -700 euro, Level C – 1000 euro
Languages Russian Azerbaijan English

This training allows you to develop all international knowledge and competence of the project manager, as follows:
•    The technical competence range - to describe the fundamental project management competence elements.
•    The behavioural competence range - to describe the personal project management competence elements.
•    The contextual competence range - to describe the project management competence elements related to the context of the project. This range covers the project manager’s competence in managing relations with the line management organization and the ability to function in a project focused organization.

16 February 2016 Active
Languages English with translation

Brief presentation of lecturer

Gilbert Silvius (1963) is professor of project and programme management at LOI University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. He is initiator and academic lead of the first Master of Project Management program in the Netherlands, and also lectures at universities in Johannesburg, Vienna, Manchester, Antwerp, Berlin and Malmö. In his lecturing and in research, Gilbert focuses on the integration of sustainability in projects and project management. He published several books on sustainability in project management and was rewarded the 2013 sustainability award of the green project management (GPM) organization.

Next to a respected academic, Gilbert is an experienced project manager with over 20 years of experience in various industries and projects. Gilbert is a member of IPMA, PMI and was involved in the development of the ISO 21500 guideline on project management.

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