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Sustainable project management

Sustainable project management
16 February 2016 Active
Languages English with translation
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Brief presentation of lecturer

Gilbert Silvius (1963) is professor of project and programme management at LOI University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. He is initiator and academic lead of the first Master of Project Management program in the Netherlands, and also lectures at universities in Johannesburg, Vienna, Manchester, Antwerp, Berlin and Malmö. In his lecturing and in research, Gilbert focuses on the integration of sustainability in projects and project management. He published several books on sustainability in project management and was rewarded the 2013 sustainability award of the green project management (GPM) organization.

Next to a respected academic, Gilbert is an experienced project manager with over 20 years of experience in various industries and projects. Gilbert is a member of IPMA, PMI and was involved in the development of the ISO 21500 guideline on project management.


The course assumes a basic understanding of projects and project management.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is one of most important development this decade. Its essence is that the company should not only think about their own profit (economy), but also take into account social and environmental aspects in their activity. Sustainability means strategic activity of the company in three dimensions: economy, ecology, society.

Sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present time, but does not threaten the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Course summary

Sustainability is one of the most important developments of this decade. Governments, NGOs and companies are all adopting policies to minimize their environmental footprint and to stimulate social wellbeing. These policies result in actions, such as developing new products, new services, deploying other resources and changing business processes. As projects are a commonly used managerial structure to organize and manage these development processes, sustainable development is logically realized through projects. This logical relationship between sustainability and projects, inevitable affects the way projects are managed and governed. ‘Green’ or sustainable project management is the response to the challenge of balancing or harmonizing economic, environmental and social interests in projects


Session 1

  • What is the problem? Why Sustainability?
  • Concepts of sustainability, ‘green’ and CSR
  • Why sustainability and project management?
  • Indicators for Sustainability
  • Sustainability impact areas

Session 2

  • Sustainability in the project goal and scope
  • Sustainability in the business case
  • Sustainability in stakeholder engagement
  • Sustainability in project risk management
  • Sustainability in project planning
  • Cases and best practices

Session 3

  • Integrating sustainability in the project management process
  • The Sustainability Management Plan (SMP)
  • A case: developing the sustainability management plan
  • Sustainability and professionalism

Session 4

  • Green project management certification
  • (PRojects Integrating Sustainable Methods)
  • Exam preparation

Session 5

  • GPM-b Green project management examination (optional with additional payment)

Course objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of projects in realizing sustainability policies and strategies.
  • Analyze the impact of considering sustainability on project management.
  • Develop a sustainability management plan for their projects.
  • Integrate the concepts of sustainability into their role as project manager.
  • Advise project executives and other stakeholders on the sustainability value of the project

Total hours of instruction: 8 hours (4 lessons * 2 hours)

Training’s language: English with translation.

Reading materials

Required reading:
Presentations will be made available digitally.
For the GPM exam, the PRISM GPM reference guide is required (see

Recommended reading :
Silvius A.J.G., Schipper, R., Planko, J., van den Brink, J. and Köhler, A. (2012), Sustainability in Project Management, Gower Publishing.


Experienced trainer/ teacher in Project management;

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