Local trainers

  Trainer of PM competence elements of ICB.
  IPMA Level B

Trainer of PM competence elements of ICB.
Experienced project manager in the number of international projects, including complex projects in the field of IT.

  Trainer on the "Project Management Fundamentals" program
  IPMA Level C

An experienced trainer / teacher in the areas of: project management,project manager in taking into account the principles of sustainable development.

  Software Primavera Trainer

Trainer in the field of planning and controlling of Oracle Primavera P6 Software that is used in the worldwide.

6 years of coaching / consultant experience, 9 years of project management experience.

  "Project Management Fundamentals" and "software Microsoft Project» program trainer
  IPMA Level D

An experienced practitioner in the management of construction projects: planning, budgeting, financial management, monitoring, change management projects.

  Trainer for PM İCB competencies and Specialst of PM Soft Computer programs
  IPMA Level C

Experienced trainer/ teacher in Project management;

  Trainer for PM İCB competencies and Specialst of PM Soft Computer programs
  IPMA Level B

Experienced trainer/  teacher in the fields: engineering, math, IT technology, Project management;

International trainers

  Author of knowledge P2M

He headed the largest Japanese engineering corporation general contractor Judisch аor 20 years. Copyright P2M knowledge systems - Manage projects and programs in terms of innovative enterprise development, Professor, University of Paris and Lilskogo Management (France), Director Global Forum Project Managers.

Professor Hiroshi Tanaka organized and hosted 10 international congresses, symposia and conferences. Participated with reports of more than 50 international scientific congresses, symposiums and conferences.

  Renowned trainer in project management
  IPMA Level А

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor;

Head of project management department of the Kiev National University of Construction and architectures;

Professor of "School of Management" (France, Lille);


Gilbert Silvius (1963) is professor of project and programme management at LOI University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. He is initiator and academic lead of the first Master of Project Management program in the Netherlands, and also lectures at universities in Johannesburg, Vienna, Manchester, Antwerp, Berlin and Malmö. In his lecturing and in research, Gilbert focuses on the integration of sustainability in projects and project management. He published several books on sustainability in project management and was rewarded the 2013 sustainability award of the green project management (GPM) organization.

  Trainer in project management and software products MS Enterprise Project Management

Experienced trainer / lecturer in the areas of: project management, project portfolio management, enterprise project management system; 

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