Position Head Project Expert
Organization Modenis
Branch IT / Banking
Certificate of IPMA AZ.15.C.00058
Term of validity 29.05.2020
Theme Project report IPMA Creating of mobile payment system "X-PAY"
Experience 1. Banks, GSM operators, utilities, Internet and TV services etc. Payment by Terminal- Executive Officer, Project Leader 2. Company within Holding that based in the regions under the provision of optical network- Executive Officer, Project Leader 3. Accessing of the Oracle system to the Holding companies in Baku-Executive Officer, Project Coordinator 4. Accessing of the common domain system to the Holding companies in Baku- Executive Officer, Project Leader 5. Installation of enforcement cameras at Holding comanies in regions- Executive Officer, Project Leader
Education Azerbaijan State Oil Academy - High tension
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Цель нашей компании - предложение широкого ассортимента товаров и услуг на постоянно высоком качестве обслуживания.