Position Marketing and PR consulter
Organization EastStream (Baku city)
Branch Consulting
Certificate of IPMA AZ.14.C.000048
Term of validity 17.06.2019
Theme Project report IPMA Carry out ecological press tour for NIS's journalists in Nemiroff (Ukraine)
Experience 1. The success of the Nemiroff company - Project manager 2. Eco press tour for journalists of the CIS countries - Project manager 3. Charity Auction in support of orphans - Project manager 4. Creating a Social Bank report on corporate social responsibility - Project manager 5. Social program "Healthy children in a happy country" - Project manager 6. Publication of the book "Social responsibility of business in the banking sector" - Project Manager
Education T. Shevchenko Kiev National University, Institute of International Relations - International Relations Charted Institute of Public Relations - PR (master)
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Цель нашей компании - предложение широкого ассортимента товаров и услуг на постоянно высоком качестве обслуживания.