14 November 2017

Qualified project management requires professional knowledge and wide experience from manager. If we are talking about professional project management then we should primarily start talking about project implementation technologies that include time, budget, risk, contractors, communication and human resources management. AzPMA extends the managers knowledge based on the said standard.


24 May 2017

The project, as any kind of activity needs to be managed, for this purpose, created an international standard for project management. Thus, IPMA standards for the project management applied to large companies all over the world. Azerbaijan Project Management Association (AzPMA) from the 02 June starts new training "Project Management Fundamentals" on IPMA standards.


27 April 2017

On April 21, Project managers club meeting was held on "Contractor selection and the creation of effective communication" topic, with the organization by Azerbaijan Project Management Association(AzPMA) that is only official body of International Project Management Association (IPMA) in Azerbaijan.


18 April 2017

Nowadays large-scale projects are being implemented in various fields thus investments are made on large projects of Azerbaijan. Today almost, each of the major projects works with the attraction of the contractors to carry out big scale design, construction and facilities works. Ability to select and interact working relationship with contractors considered to be the greatest competitive advantage.


12 April 2017

"Project Management Fundamentals" training created specifically for the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and necessary practical skills in project management for successful implementation of the work with any team in any project and company.


22 February 2017

All over the world, a huge practice carried out for the management of projects. Thus, IPMA standards for the project management applied to large companies all over the world. International Project Management Association unites around 60 countries. The promotion of the standards carried out by Azerbaijan Project Management Association – AzPMA in Azerbaijan.


13 February 2017
Azerbaijan Project Management Association (AzPMA) and Western University signed a cooperation agreement regarding to the training of international IPMA standards for improving qualification of students and young professionals in the field of project management.

6 January 2017

The project, as any kind of activity needs to be managed, for this purpose, created an international standard for project management. IPMA certification program - a combination of experience and skills required to manage projects with limited resources. According to these standards for the project manager need to know that the control method which is consists of three areas: technical, behavioral and contextual.


31 December 2016

All once in my life gave a promise after the new year not to repeat the mistakes that made in the old year. This kind of "threshold" that separates the old from the new life.


29 December 2016

On December 24 a club meeting of project managers held on the theme "Information technology project management and products." The organizer was the Azerbaijan Project Management Association (AzPMA) - the official representative of the International Association of IPMA in Azerbaijan. The purpose of the event - to organize the exchange of experiences and show managers that projects important to perform competently on the basis of international standards and international practices.


19 December 2016

Information technology means administration of the summing process, transmission, storage and transmission of information. Azerbaijan Project Management Association aims to collect project experiences that implemented in Azerbaijan and share them with experts who works with projects.


25 November 2016

The corporate information system of Project management should provide you with software modules to reach desired goal of the project participant. Primavera Software allows to provide the project team which carry out various tasks with customized tools.
Primavera Software designed to automate project management processes by adapting to the requirements of IPMA and ISO standards.
The Azerbaijan Project Management Association will start training on Primavera Software on 1st December. The training course will take place for 16 hours in 8 lessons.
Classes will be held after working hours.


7 November 2016

Successful organizations are able to implement projects in the given budget for a limited time and get significant results. Therefore, the managers are interested in attracting specialists to be able to effectively manage projects.
How to create a project team? How to monitor the project budget? These questions are not only leading part of the project and also are closely linked with other process within specific project.
We invite you to become aware of specialized competencies by taking part in our trainings in the beginning of November. You can get more information (here) about competencies.


2 November 2016

Friends, colleagues, dear project managers!

Our sincere congratulation to you on the occasion of professional holiday - the International Project Management Day!


14 October 2016

On 12 October president of AzPMA Igbal Babayev congratulate project managers for receiving IPMA international certification. AzPMA has right to the IPMA international certification which is recognized by more than 60 countries and is only official representative of IPMA in Azerbaijan.


16 September 2016

Azerbaijan Project Management Association (AzPMA) will meet with project managers on September 24 at 12.00 that PM club will focus on “Financing of projects: tools and methods”. Our guest Mushfig Bayramov, IPMA level B - a certified senior projects manager, Director of SOFAZ budget planning and projects.


26 July 2016
According to statistics, more than 70% of the projects are unsuccessful, in practice, this figure is much higher. In order to carry out projects in any field more effectively, it is important to learn the technique for a special international IPMA (International Project Management Association) in just 1 month. All graduates receive an international certificate, which is registered in Switzerland. Applications for the program will be accepted until August 5, 2016 at  Details  

12 July 2016
Azerbaijan project management association (AzPMA) launches new official website -

Along with that the new site is convenient and easy interface, all over the world, as well as to follow the development of project management and project management competencies across all areas will be able to get information on international certification and training. Details  

29 June 2016

AzPMA Project Managers Club meeting on June 3 held under the "How the project will be the leading" .Such meeting was helding regularly by AzPMA  for the creation of exchange of experience between professionals working in the field of project management and to perform other foreign guests are also invited to.At this meeting, expert on the evaluation of projects with  international IPMA standards in Ukraine Sharavara Elena was performed.


1 June 2016

Often, our employees project experience are more valuable than the world business cases that described in the project management. Project Management Association consider to be responible for collecting project experiences that implemented in Azerbaijan and share them with the experts. Within the Project Managers' Club meetings our graduates, the project management experts of Azerbaijan and sometimes foreign visitors performs.


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