7 November 2016

Successful organizations are able to implement projects in the given budget for a limited time and get significant results. Therefore, the managers are interested in attracting specialists to be able to effectively manage projects.
How to create a project team? How to monitor the project budget? These questions are not only leading part of the project and also are closely linked with other process within specific project.
We invite you to become aware of specialized competencies by taking part in our trainings in the beginning of November. You can get more information (here) about competencies.


2 November 2016

Friends, colleagues, dear project managers!

Our sincere congratulation to you on the occasion of professional holiday - the International Project Management Day!


16 September 2016

Azerbaijan Project Management Association (AzPMA) will meet with project managers on September 24 at 12.00 that PM club will focus on “Financing of projects: tools and methods”. Our guest Mushfig Bayramov, IPMA level B - a certified senior projects manager, Director of SOFAZ budget planning and projects.


26 July 2016
According to statistics, more than 70% of the projects are unsuccessful, in practice, this figure is much higher. In order to carry out projects in any field more effectively, it is important to learn the technique for a special international IPMA (International Project Management Association) in just 1 month. All graduates receive an international certificate, which is registered in Switzerland. Applications for the program will be accepted until August 5, 2016 at  Details  

12 July 2016
Azerbaijan project management association (AzPMA) launches new official website -

Along with that the new site is convenient and easy interface, all over the world, as well as to follow the development of project management and project management competencies across all areas will be able to get information on international certification and training. Details  

29 June 2016

AzPMA Project Managers Club meeting on June 3 held under the "How the project will be the leading" .Such meeting was helding regularly by AzPMA  for the creation of exchange of experience between professionals working in the field of project management and to perform other foreign guests are also invited to.At this meeting, expert on the evaluation of projects with  international IPMA standards in Ukraine Sharavara Elena was performed.


1 June 2016

Often, our employees project experience are more valuable than the world business cases that described in the project management. Project Management Association consider to be responible for collecting project experiences that implemented in Azerbaijan and share them with the experts. Within the Project Managers' Club meetings our graduates, the project management experts of Azerbaijan and sometimes foreign visitors performs.


30 March 2016

Azerbaijan Association of Project Management invites Project Managers to attend the project managers' Club regular basis meeting.Project Managers 17th meeting will be take place at AMU the Center for Project Management and Innovation. The meeting will be devoted to information technology and payment systems via the Internet.


23 February 2016

At the end of February, AzPMA organized a PM club meeting for project managers about “Stages of development of start-ups”. AzPMA members, alumni, and guests of the club have participated in this meeting. Such meetings are held for three years in order to share experiences in the implementation of their own projects at a professional level.


16 February 2016

Almost everyone carried out different projects in everyday life. Here are some examples: repairing something, travel, writing a thesis and etc. All these activities have common features making them projects: limited time, limited resources, and unique result. Professional project management occurs when a person strives to realize an own business project, or when an employee has a task – to create a unique product in time, and with limited resources.


22 September 2015

Presentation of new book "Road map for project managers" took place at AzPMA. Author of book is professor ,doctor of technical sciences, president of AzPMA, first assessor of IPMA Igbal Babayev.


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