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The project as a professional need

The project as a professional need
16 February 2016

Almost everyone carried out different projects in everyday life. Here are some examples: repairing something, travel, writing a thesis and etc. All these activities have common features making them projects: limited time, limited resources, and unique result. Professional project management occurs when a person strives to realize an own business project, or when an employee has a task – to create a unique product in time, and with limited resources.

For professional managers, the project management – is the main, the most interesting, and creative part of the work. It is a system of activities aimed at the realization of the project objectives with maximum efficiency, limited time and resources, and with the required quality.

AzPMA offers training programs for managers and young specialists, and international certificate IPMA which is registered at the official website in Switzerland (

The program consists of training and exam, and it is available in three languages: Azerbaijani, Russian, and English. The “Preparation for IPMA certification” training will allow you to learn the key competencies of a project manager, to work with basic documents. The training consists of 12 classes, each 2 hours (in the evenings). After that, candidates take the exam, and also will be graded for teamwork workshops. Candidates for level “C” or higher give a project report, and pass an interview with the assessors. Candidates do not need to go abroad for taking the exam or certificate verification because all these processes take place in AzPMA office in Baku, at the most convenient time for you. The price of the full program for level “D” is 700 Euro.

IPMA system allows managers to get an international status on 4 levels:

·       IPMA level “D” - Certified Project Management Associate

·       IPMA level “C” - Certified Project Manager

·       IPMA level “B” - Certified Senior Project Manager

·       IPMA level “A” - Certified Projects Director

Assessors determine candidates’ levels based on their particular project management experience. In order to determine your level, you need contact to AzPMA office, and fill out a list of projects implemented by you. Candidates with no experience can apply for the beginner level – IPMA Level “D”.

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Deadlines: Program in Azerbaijani language – 8 February

Program in Russian language – 1 March

To register please contact:, + 994 12 404 18 60, +994 55 511 95 98

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