Young Crew

Young Crew is a key component of IPMA’s growth and development of the leaders of tomorrow. We are the premier global network for young professionals enthusiastic about project management, a platform for young project management professionals and students up to the age of 35.

Our mission:

We develop and promote the project management profession amongst young and emerging community by:

developing your competences in project, programme and portfolio management

giving you global recognition to your accomplishment from working in projects, programmes and portfolios

advising your career in project, programme and portfolio management

setting environment to network and interact with the global project management world

We believe that:

people are the biggest value in every endeavour.

professionalism is developed by improving competence, responsibility and accountability.

diversity adds value, that you can only capitalize through respect and value appreciation.

curiosity and passion are key to personal development, and lead to creativity, and innovation.

Young Crew teams are already working in 27 countries: Austria, China, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Finland, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Peru, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden.

The following 9 countries are currently looking for motivated people to get projects started: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Costa Rica, France, Nepal, Norway, Panama, Slovakia, Taiwan.

Some of the benefits of participating in developing a new Young Crew are:

Entrepreneurship: You will experience developing a team and a new organization.

Applied international politics: Being part of an international association will engage you in situations you will have to think and act strategically

Exercising leadership in start-up situations.

Members of IPMA’s Young Crew have:

Access to specific information in the area of project management

Access to Young Crew events at reduced prices

Obtaining and sharing knowledge

Dialogue with experienced project managers

Direct contact with representatives from the industry and other sectors

Exchange of experiences

Integration into an international network of young project managers

Chance to further development of your own ideas

Support thesis of scientific research in the area of project management

Lots of fun!

We accomplish that by:

Organizing international events, competitions, and other initiatives.

Bringing together the young project manager community for the development of the discipline.

Channeling their interest in tangible projects.

The IPMA Young Crew organizes events targeted at different interest groups; all have a bit of fun, together with serious leadership development:

The Global Young Crew Workshop is our flagship event. With around a hundred participants from more that twenty countries, it is a reference for young professionals and students wanting to share in a premium and fun learning experience.

The Global eCollaboration Competition takes Young Crew’s renown combination of professional development and fun, and gives it an online twist. It’s truly an online workshop and competition! In this 24-hour competition, online teams comprised of members from all over the world compete on who best solves a challenging case study.

The Project Management Championships is celebrated in different countries to serve as a platform for young students to challenge themselves to the next level. At the end, there can only be one champion team, the best project managers!

In parallel, National Young Crews organize many internationally oriented events.

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