AzPMA - Azerbaijan Association of Project Management

b688d05d11fc56b67f86d88c07d2ada1.jpgToday, the project management field regarded as separate type of professional activity and certified. This area deemed as an important driving force for the organization, as well as for the individuals.

Azerbaijan Project Management Association (AzPMA) is a national association of International Project Management Association (IPMA) in Azerbaijan, as well as the merely official organization for international certification.

AzPMA – is a public organization - has an active role on the market of intellectual services in the field of modern technologies of Project Management and development of companies. Was established in Baku in 1999 and has a 15-year history of successful projects.


AzPMA figures:

  • More than 150 local and international training courses were prearranged;
  • More than 2,000 Project Managers were trained;
  • The country’s more than 80 developed companies and institutions have been involved;
  • More than 180 specialists became an international project manager of IPMA. Their names have been recorded in the register of international and national certified Project Managers.

Mission of AzPMA is based on the international standards of project management and creation of business management methods in Azerbaijan.


The main areas of activity: 


The application, promotion of international standards for the management of projects and coordination of national standards in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Training and certification of Project Managers by IPMA international standards in the field of Project Management.

The organization of trainings for the project managers.

Creating favorable conditions for members and to organize exchange of experience for project managers at AzPMA membership club.

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