International certification rules

IPMA certification rules using by AzPMA (for public use)

 IPMA certification process provided by AzPMA, consists of the following stages:

1. Application of a candidate to IPMA certification.
A candidate turn to AzPMA online (web-site), or with E-mail, or at office, and take the application form (link 1), fill and send it electronically or personally to AzPMA’s office.

2. Relating of a candidate to IPMA’s certification level (A, B, C, D).
On the base of the candidate’s application, AzPMA’s assessors relate them to IPMA certification level according to IPMA’s levels requirements (link 2). It may be requested the candidate’s CV, recommendation letters and may be arranged personal meeting with the candidate, if it needs for decision about the candidate IPMA’s level.

3. Preparation the contract about certification between AzPMA and the candidate and financial payment according it. Provided by AzPMA office.

4. Invitation from AzPMA of the candidate to written exam (for levels B, C, D) and providing this exam.

Invitation to exam provided by AzPMA office, and data and time are agreed with a candidate and assessor.
During the exam a candidate should answer to open questions and test questions (for D level). Each question relates to each of 28 (or 29 in case of portfolio and programme candidate) ICB competency elements (CE). Written exam lasts 3 hours. Exam is provided in 3 languages: Azerbaijan, Russian and English.
A candidate should answer at least at 23-24 questions (of 28-29). To demonstrate sufficient evidence against a specific CE, a Candidate shall demonstrate a minimum of 50% of the KCIs (Key Competency Indicators). KCIs of ICB Competency elements (CE) are given in the link 3.

5. Preparation of executive summary report by the candidate (A, B, C levels).

This executive summary report gives candidate’s projects short summary, his/her roles and organization. This summary report may be used by the assessors in preparation for candidate’s interview and/or simulation. Blank form of executive summary report is given in link 4.

6. Preparation of project (portfolio, program) report by the candidate (A, B levels).

Candidate for A and B levels should submit a report covering his project, programme or portfolio. The report shall describe the application of candidate leadership in applying of ICB CEs in his/her project/programme/portfolio. Maximum of 25 pages for the report and 15 pages for appendices is accepted.
A candidate should describe at least of 23-24 ICB CEs (of 28-29). To demonstrate sufficient evidence against a specific CE, a Candidate shall demonstrate a minimum of 50% of the KCIs (Key Competency Indicators). Blank form of project report is given in the link 5.

7. Role-based simulation (for A, B, C levels) purposed for evaluation of people (social, communication) competencies of a candidate in an environment where interaction occurs with others. Simulation workshop is based on some role-based project problem. Candidate-participants discuss the problem and give presentations on their tasks. And assessors evaluate their people’s competencies (10 CE) on the base competencies KCI (key competency indicators). The simulation usually lasts near 2-4 hours. Specification of this simulation is given in link 6.

8. Interview of the candidate (A, B, C levels) by assessors.
After presenting executive summary (A, B, C levels) and project report (A, B levels) of a candidate, AzPMA office provide invitation candidate at interview. Date and time of the interview is agreeing with assessors.
2 assessor provide this interview. During interview, the candidate asked about details of his/her documentation, about his/her projects (programme, portfolio), and asked preliminary prepared for each candidate – 8-12 CE’s (competency elements) questions. Interview lasts 60 minutes for C level and 90 minutes for B and A levels.

9. Documentation.
To finish the certification, a candidate should present the following documentation:
– Application form
– Diplomas and certificates copies
– ID copy
– CV
– Recommendation letters from 2 person (for C, B, A levels)

10. Final evaluation and decision.
Final evaluation of the candidate is based on scores on KCIs of CEs taken during written exam, simulation, project report and interview. To achieve the corresponded level, a candidate must demonstrate evidence of 80% of the domain CEs defined in ICB in the corresponded environment. To demonstrate sufficient evidence against a specific CE, a Candidate shall demonstrate a minimum of 50% of the KCIs (Key Competency Indicators).
On the base final evaluation, CB has decision on the candidate certification. And C,B issues the numbered and registered IPMA certificate and presents it to the candidate.