4 level certification

IPMA Level A® – Certified Projects Director

Requirements: Experience of at least 5 (five) years in the field of Portfolio and/ or Programs management with strategic importance, including three (3) years working experience in executive management positions on the management of complex portfolios or programs and two (2) years’ experience in the area of project management (5=3+2).

Basic competences: This (IPMA Level A) level of expert performs function of project director in project team. Project Directors should be able to manage portfolio and programs by the leading of project managers with the helping of experts in the field of project management

  • Responsible for the management of complex portfolio or one or more complex programs of the company/ organization or organization’s branch.
  • Promotes policies and gives suggestions to top management. Matures project management staff and advances project leaders, their PM competences.
  • Leads project managers and senior project managers, and manage portfolio and program team members.
  • Provides and guides project management requirements, culture, processes, methods, techniques, tools, materials, survey development of the portfolio and program.

IPMA A payment cost: 1000 euro

IPMA Level B® - Certified Senior Project Manager

IPMA Level B® – Certified Senior Project Manager

Requirements: Working experience of at least 5 (five) years in the field of project management, including 3 (three) years of experience in executive management position for complex projects (5=3+2).

Basic competences: This (IPMA Level B) level of expert performs function of senior project manager in project team. Senior Project Managers should be able to manage complex projects’ working staff of some organizations with the help of project management officers.

  • Responsible for all project management aspects of complex projects and all competence elements of project management.
  • Playing a major role in the management of a large project management team and leads managers of sub-projects.
  • Applies adequate processes, methods, techniques and tools of the project management.

IPMA B payment cost: 800 euro

IPMA Level C® - Certified Project Manager

Requirements: At least 3 (three) years’ experience in executive management on the management of limited complex projects in the area of project manager.

Basic competences: This (IPMA Level C) level of expert performs function of project manager in project team. Project Manager should be able to perform complex project and its parts or manage limited complex project and its parts’ working staff of various organizations.

  • Responsible for management of sub-project and all aspects of limited complex projects.
  • Applies common processes, methods, techniques and project management tools.

IPMA C payment cost: 600 euro 

IPMA Level D® - Certified Project Management Specialist

Requirements: Experience in project management is not necessary, but it is advantages if the candidates have managed to apply their knowledge in practice.

Basic competences: This (IPMA Level D) level of expert performs function of certified project management expert in project team. Project Management Specialist is able to apply knowledge in the field of project management and can induced to participate in the project as one of the team members, but general knowledge is not sufficient to perform tasks that are more complex. Project Management Specialist usually working on the implementation of tasks within the team.

  • Knows how to put into practice any element of competence. Can work in different fields as a specialist;
  • Performs as a member of the project team or the project management team;
  • Knows basic knowledge of project management and has an ability to apply them.


IPMA D payment cost: 400 euro